Friday, 9 October 2015

Sara Grant, IWLF 2015

Sara Grant is an American living in the UK. She is a writer of multiple personalities, writing fiction for both children and teens.

In her own words: 

“Inside my head can be a confusing place -- I've got a sparkly magical side and a dark, edgy side too.”

We are very lucky to have her visit the Island since she is a busy lady who has, as a freelance editor of series fiction, worked on twelve different series and edited nearly 100 books (this is a LOT of books). 

She also gives writing workshops in the US, UK and Europe.
Visit her website to find out MORE.

 Join Sara at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival...

Sunday 17th October (10:00 & 14:00)

Buy your tickets by clicking on the link HERE.

You can find all her books on Amazon.

She is also on TWITTER.

Visit my Main Blog to find out more about me and how I have been involved with the Isle of Wight Literary Festival so far!

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