Friday, 9 October 2015

Bridget Marzo, IWLF 2015

Bridget Marzo has an extensive repertoire which include sharing lots of words and pictures about her childhood, her children’s book career working for publishers in different countries, and all she has learnt from teaching for over a decade in a Bauhaus-inspired art school and giving workshops around the world.

I am truly excited to be able to hear about her latest book, TIZ & OTT’S BIG DRAW, which has already received rave reviews and a Kirkus star of exceptional merit.

According to The Observer,

“Adults will derive metaphorical mileage from the story and relish the remedy for a creative block as much as any child: out of a deep hole emerges a rainbow-coloured ladder. A joy of a book – for all ages.”

Join Bridget at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival...

Saturday 16th (15:00)

Buy your tickets by clicking on the link HERE.

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You can find Bridget on Twitter, and buy her book from Amazon.

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