Monday, 5 October 2015

Diana Kimpton, IWLF 2015

Diana Kimpton is an author I can relate to and certainly one my daughter (who is horse crazy) will want to see.

In fact, I have read several of her books to my daughter already and I think they're brilliant!

If you visit her website you will find out more about her so CLICK HERE

But, in a nutshell, she has been a teacher, mum, and now writer! Even though, when she was at school she was not convinced about English (this really rings a bell for me). In her own words, "I was already too much a writer at heart to enjoy dissecting other people's stories"I have to say that I loved dissecting stories, but I hated learning about grammar!

I love the range of books this author has written. From picture books, non-fiction, and even a guide for parents to help children with maths! Fantastic.

I am really looking forward to hearing her talk and suggest you check out her books now via Amazon too... Amazon link. You can also look her up on TWITTER.

Join Diana at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival...

Saturday 16th (14:00) & Sunday 17th October (12:00)

Buy your tickets by clicking on the link HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Please come and say hello at the Festival.

    1. I definitely will since I am pretty sure I am your host for the day :)