Wednesday, 27 January 2016

SUMMER'S DARK WATERS by Simon Williams @SWilliamsAuthor

I have to admit that I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this book. Having read a lot of YA, children's books (especially with my children), I thought this was great!

I recently read another children's book that reminded me of "Lord of the Flies" the gruesome elements of the story made it harder for me to enjoy. I wonder why some authors make their stories so dark.

In contrast, even though this book does have some "darker" moments, Summer's Dark Waters is very entertaining and the story-line had me hooked.

The main character, Joe, is someone you want to like. A bit quiet, shy, different. In contrast to his friend, Amber, who wants to look out for him and is inquisitive and no push-over. Together, they discover that something is not right and Joe is special. The creation of a secret society to save the world from chaos is not a new concept, but worked very well here. I am intrigued about this group, which seems twisted in its ideals.

To save themselves, Joe manages to bridge the gap between our world and a new world, which the author creates. It is slightly reminiscent of Narnia... no animals, but strange folk all the same. A collection of the "Lost", a strange melee of individuals. Some from different worlds.

As an added bonus, the author included illustrations within the book, which added an extra dimension.

This book leads nicely on to a follow up, which is fab for children. You want to get them hooked on reading and this works brilliantly for me. Highly recommend.

*~I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review~*


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