Friday, 20 November 2015

DEADHEAD by Clare Kauter

Social media is fantastic for many reasons. For example, it helps me know what's going on by checking trends on Twitter, I can see my family & friends via Photos on Facebook, and I can drool over amazing pictures of food on Pinterest!

When I first joined Twitter in 2012, it was a brave new world. Many authors talked and shared books (as they do now), but I found it easier to get feedback online. Nowadays, its harder to strike conversations via Twitter, and I have to admit that I prefer Facebook Groups for chat!

However, I have come across many amazing authors & books via Twitter. I would never have thought to read them, or talk to the authors otherwise. Many of the interviews and reviews I have done have been by this informal acquaintance.

I met Clare Kauter the other day after she was the only one to respond to my question on Twitter, asking whether people still downloaded books.

After chatting for a while, I asked her what she wrote and could recommend and she agreed to send me a copy for review. This is the fun - you never know what you'll get! Well, I was in for a treat. The only thing I don't really like for this book is the cover. It could be much more fun - something like Bewitched would work for this!

Vanessa :)

DEADHEAD by Clare Kauter

This is such a fun read! The voice of the main character, Nessa, is brilliant. The entire books feels like a conversation, flowing naturally and full of surprises.

Basically, Nessa is being investigated for practising magic without a licence (I know, fun huh?) She has to solve the murder of Ed, a ghost who turns up as she is being interrogated. Along she way, she makes friends with a fae, witch, and shifter! 

With awesome powers, she is capable of many feats, which include a private line to the devil (a she of course) and Death (who has an amazing sense of humour). 

We see zombies, vampires, and a lot more... this is a fantastic read if you enjoy quirky humour filled with the supernatural.

Personally, I found it SO original and different to anything I have read recently that I have to award 5 stars.

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