Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Let's Rock & Roll

I have read two books recently that involved Rock Stars! Both very different but worth a read. This is a world I knew nothing about, and I love the fact that books open doors to places I never imagined existed.

My favourite was STORM. Here's why...

"I got this book last night after meeting the author on a Facebook site and started the book straight away! I could not put it down and read  to 62%... 

The main character, Evelyn, is SO funny and the response she gets from Storm is classic! I love her innocence and the fact he brings out the best in her. 

This morning, I finished it immediately and was left satisfied... It all happens too fast in the end, but it works. A sweet love story. The erotica moments in it will keep those looking for a 18+ read happy, but essentially they are discovering each other. I loved the build up and once the relationship intensified a part of me was disappointed! I liked their foreplay!

Overall, a cracking read by a new author. I look forward to reading more of her books. I loved the humour ... Made it less serious than other books in this genre. So glad I found this via Facebook :)"

For a more deep and intense read, I can recommend THE GIRL ON THE HALF SHELL. Read the Author Interview to find out more.

WOW... I am emotionally drained. This book has it all. What an incredible story. 

Chrissie Parker is the daughter of famous rock star, Jack Parker. She is a very confused and traumatised 18-year-old girl, who carries a burden from years earlier. She believes that she had something to do with the death of her brother, Sam, and has self-harmed numerous times to help deal with the guilt that she feels. This is so sad and is portrayed brilliantly in the writing.

She is about to audition at Julliard to become a cellist, like her mother, and heads to New York with her crazy best friend. However, before she does she meets Alan Manzone, a rock star on the brink of disaster, who has been helped back to the road of recovery by Jack for the last few months. The attraction is instant and fate decides to give them a helping hand by cancelling her flight the next day. Alan comes to her rescue and gives her a lift on her private jet to NYC.

Chrissie is out of control and Alan is frankly too old for her (10 years older) but the chemistry that develops between them is unstoppable. I was totally hooked and loved how their story develops. 

There are a few scenes that annoyed me a bit. She has a lot of baths, he washes her a lot, and the sex develops too fast and becomes too extreme considering her limited experience. I would have thought that if Alan truly loved her he would have realised she was really just out of being a school girl. These issues could have been avoided if she’d been in her early twenties, but I understand why it worked better to catch her when most vulnerable. Even so, at times I honestly thought he had pushed the boundaries in the relationship too far.

Saying this, Chrissie acts irrationally a lot. She is not a stereotypical girl. She does not do what you’d expect. I love this about her. We can all act a bit insane at times.

The ending is fantastic. I will not give a spoiler, but it is not what you would usually expect. Chrissie grows up and makes the right decision. Alan has helped her on many levels and it’s wonderful to see so many issues potentially resolved.

Overall, I found the author on Goodreads and asked to review her book! I am SO glad she let me do this and am so lucky to have come across this book. Definitely recommended, but not for those who can’t stand references to ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll!’

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